Airport Shuttles

We expect to be able to again provide several shuttles for Frankfurt (FRA) and maybe Luxembourg (LUX). The prices will be around 40.- EUR +/- (one-way pP). For other airports (e.g. Saarbrücken) we won't offer shuttles as the public transport covers those quite fine and too few visitors arrive there. The usual disclaimer is, that we can not guarantee, that there will be a shuttle for exactly your flight, but the experience of the last years clearly shows that you can be quite sure, if you're not having extremely strange flight connections. In order to register for a shuttle, please first fully read the process explanation!

Thursday Shuttles?

In general we'll also try to make shuttles on thursday possible, if enough people arrive that day (remember, we don't earn money with those shuttles and have to cover the costs). If that would be the case however note that such a shuttle would only travel to the hotel(s), but not to the party location as we're still busy building Revision for you on thursday.

FRA Airport and payment information

We compiled all important information about shuttle times and departure location for FRA airport into this document.

Once the bus arrives at the E Werk, an organizer will wait for the shuttle and you have to pay for this trip directly. Either you should have 40€ at hand for this or you can also pay by card.
If you took the Thursday shuttle, please contact the infodesk staff yourself when arriving at the party place on Friday.

If you also reserved a seat for a return trip don't forget, that you have to buy the ticket for that one at the infodesk! We recommend, that you do this as early as possible upon arrival at the party, so that you can tick this off your list and enjoy the party to the fullest without having to think about those kind of things.

Note for group registrations: if you reserved seats for more persons than just yourself, please make life easier for our infodesk staff (and you) and also buy the return tickets as a complete group.

Registration Process

Shuttle registration deadline has passed. To get leftover seats, please contact us with all your flight details via the hotline.

Traveling TO Revision

NameAirportArrivalPersonsAssigned BusBus DepartureTravel Duration (minutes)Price (€)

Traveling FROM Revision

NameAirportDeparturePersonsAssigned BusBus DepartureTravel Duration (minutes)Price (€)

Busses TO Revision

BusDepartureDuration (Minutes)Total seatsTaken seatsFree seats

Busses FROM Revision

BusDepartureDuration (Minutes)Total seatsTaken seatsFree seats