We want everyone to take part in Revision, and help local organisations especially beyond Europe with their outreach efforts.

A few years back, with a lot of help from our organizer friends from around the world, we started Revision Satellites, an intercontinental network of smaller, local events during the Easter weekend.

They already brought Revision to the US (Bloop Museum), Argentina (Flashparty), Japan (Sessions Demoparty), Russia (Demodulation), as well as multiple European countries during the pandemic!

This is an open call for collaboration especially for organizers in far-distant areas, as well as countries with economic disparity making it tough for local sceners to afford the trip to Germany.

Do you want to host a Revision Satellite?

The idea

  • Host an event open to everyone (no invite-only/members-only/release-only, etc) at a physical location
  • Make it a watch-party or get creative by adding your own flavour to your satellite - feel free to come up with own compos and other happenings for your guests to participate in!

Must haves

  • Health and Safety Regulations must be complied with
  • Add “Revision Satellite Partner” to your event’s name / subline / tagline
  • Show the main competitions to your visitors
  • Organised by (in the best case experienced) non-profit demoscene organisations or groups, not by single individuals or profit-oriented companies
  • Entry fees for the admission to your satellite event are permitted to cover the costs, but not turn a substantial profit.

Perks and Possibilities

  • Your guests will receive access keys to participate and vote in the Revision competitions
  • We will advertise your event on our website, social media channels etc
  • Option to be featured on Revision’s stream/on-site presentation, or our VOD- and Social Media channels

Satellites around the world