Revision Main Stream

Watch at C3VOC
(Backup Stream here)

Direct playlist URLs for media players: [HD] [SD]

You can also watch the main stream on our Revision apps!

Revision Stream starts at Friday, 29th of March, at 16:00 CET

Revision Seminars Stream

Watch at C3VOC

Direct playlist URLs for media players: [HD] [SD]

Revision Seminar Stream starts with the first seminar at Friday, 29th of March, at 17:00 CET


[Main Stream] [Seminar Stream] [Unofficial 2nd stage]

SceneCity is a communication platform for the Demoscene, providing group- and one-to-one chat communication as well as video streaming services, with an emphasis on privacy.

In parallel to the stream operated by the C3VOC, SceneCity will be running a dedicated stream based on a high-quality video chain. Due to the stream using H.265 HEVC you will be able to experience the demos at a visual quality level not seen before, with minimal artifacts even on “codec-killer demos”.

And last but not least, there’s a party chat.

Looking for the Stream Chat?

Join the Demoscene Discord to chat about Revision and other demoscene happenings!