Welcome back, fellow sceners!

Join us at the world’s largest demoscene event with 4 days of nonstop digital arts ownage!

March 29th to April 1st, Saarbrücken DE

Bring me back to the E Werk!

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About Revision

It's on-site

Revision is the world’s biggest pure Demoscene event and will take place from March 29th to April 1st. Revision will be held in the E Werk in Saarbrücken.

It's global

The demoscene is beyond borders, distance and conflicts. If you cannot come to Saarbrücken, a Satellite event might be just near you!

It's awesome

Revision is an event celebrating the Demoscene creativity. If you want to know more about the demoscene - look here!

How can I participate?

Revision offers lots of competitions ranging from graphics and music to coding as well as fast-competitions, that take place during the Easter weekend.

Sign up!

Tell us and other visitors that you are planning to attend Revision in person! Signing up is optional.

Get a ticket!

Check out our ticket options (more info soon) and optionally book one in advance (also soon)!

Book a shuttle

We will arrange Airport Shuttle Services from Frankfurt/Main and other airports on request. More information soon!

Submit your entries

Entry upload will be available to anybody with one of our tickets. Upload will be available at least one week before the party.

Can I host a Satellite event?

Sure you can! Check out the requirements and get in touch with us!

Do I have to submit something?

No you don’t - you can just enjoy Revision with us - no strings attached!


bondix by sima
giants software
individual computers
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Get in touch

Do you have a question about Revision, our competitions or do you want to host a Satellite?

Write us now!